About Our Flat Rate Services

  • Any quotes without hourly rates are flat rates, meaning that there are no restrictions or additional fees based on time.
  • Your fee is based on the quality and completion of the job. We cannot offer a discount because the provider completed the job faster or slower than anticipated
  • We cannot complete any cleaning of outdoor areas, biohazards, inside machinery like dishwashers, washing machines, inside the stove hood, etc.
  • We can provide an estimate for the length of the service, however, we cannot guarantee how long the appointment will take.
  • You are welcome to specify if you are only interested in booking for a finite amount of time, however, we cannot guarantee completion of the job if you are imposing a cut-off.
  • The cleaner(s) cannot perform junk removal larger than a few regular sized trash bags, so please be sure that any large debris is removed or relocated prior to the cleaning.
  • Please empty all cabinets and defrost all freezers prior to service with these extras, if applicable.
  • The cleaner(s) will bring all necessary supplies unless you’d like them to use something specific, in which case it can be left on premises for them with instructions on how/where to use.
  • Please note that the cleaner(s) will not be able to bring a step stool or ladder, so if there are any extremely high or out of reach areas that you’d like cleaned, we ask that you provide a safe means of access.
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